Why is Professional Financial Translation Service Important for Your Company?

Indeed, we are living in a digital age where every company is working on expanding into the international markets and thanks to the explosion of technology and the internet; even small companies can go global. But it is also meant that any company or business looking to tap into the foreign markets must need their content to be translated into the local language.

However, today social media is a huge part of our lives and it assists you in reaching a wider audience in a very short time, but your website needs to be available in several languages. So, effective translation is essential in all areas because today’s world is interconnected and strong communication is the key to success. All you need is interpreter service Dubai to penetrate the international audience and investors because the importance of legal translation services is now more globalized.

Why do financial documents need translation services near me?

All companies deal with different documents on a daily basis, such as from reports to analysis to administrative and many more. However, financial documents report a financial state of a business and can say a lot about the success of such a brand. These documents encompass all the important information about the company. That’s why translation services are essential, as accuracy is crucial for these documents.

Because businesses are turning to be more global financial translation is of significant importance as information can be delivered in different languages. Therefore, the need for translation services near me continues to grow and no artificial intelligence will replace translators.

Reasons why translators are essentials

With each passing day, translation is becoming more and more important and the importance of translators is rising. Here are a few reasons that why they are essential:

Online tools are not enough

Online tools are simply not sufficient for translation because they often change the entire meaning of the text. There are many words that have several implications and translators are capable enough to avoid incorrect translations and provide accuracy. Always remember that machine translation will never replace professional translators.

They contribute to a global economy

As more businesses are looking forward to growing internationally, legal translation services has become very beneficial for these companies as translators help to bridge a communication gap that might exist between the seller and buyer.

The context does not get lost in translation

Some words cannot be translated from one language to another directly, but translators have sufficient knowledge of these words and perfectly know the meaning of these words and are competent in replacing them with alternative words or equivalent sentences. In this way, they secure your documents from getting lost in translation. How to select interpreter services in Dubai?

They know how to manage expressions and sayings

There are some expressions and sayings that have a definite meaning in one language that can change when translated into another language. It is a very common mistake, but translators know how to identify these translation mistakes in order to successfully find a replacement for expressions and phrases that are applicable to the translated text.

Hence, nowadays, translators are of essential importance for the transfer of valuable information because we live in a world where it becomes increasingly important to communicate with international relations. It helps to transcend international barriers.

In a nutshell, for promoting your business, legal translation services is a critical aspect and it is the best time to tap into the trend of globalization in order to ensure the further longevity success of your business you need to penetrate into global markets. That’s why they need for translation services for financial translations has increased.

Apart from financial implications, inaccuracies can lead to serious consequences, so it is important to have excellent financial translations. It is the responsibility of companies or businesses who are engaged in exports to ensure that all financial and legal documents are perfectly translated. With translation services near me, you can get the translation of all your financial documents.

Types of financial translations

For investment globally, a company may need financial translation of different types, as stated below:

Localization of website

A website that provides local translation offers foreign investors accessible information about the business.

Business communication translation

English is just a second language to many people and they find it easier to speak with them in their native language. However, a business communication translation will facilitate easy communication between speakers. Thus, getting rid of misinformation and inaccuracies that otherwise can lead to some serious consequences due to misunderstandings.

Marketing content

Website content, business content, and marketing videos require translation to make sure proper marketing to foreign countries. Similarly, website content can help you in making your blog posts go viral by sharing, liking and commenting. So, websites need to be available in several languages. Moreover, the interaction between businesses and customers becomes challenging when information is not available in their native language.

Financial data

A poor translation of financial documents can misrepresent the financial situation of your business and can result in legal problems. But in order to avoid legal problems, a business must have to ensure proper translation of financial data.

Performance reports 

 Accurate and precise financial translation is essential to keep the investors up to date about performance because a poorly translated financial translation may damage the reputation of your business.

Above all, the increased demand for global businesses means more international financial transactions. Similarly, big business and huge imports require the transfer of huge sums of money around the globe and this type of financial movement means loads of contracts, legal documentation while keeping to local and international laws and regulations, reports and many more. So, endless translation is required.

However, for this type of translation, profound knowledge of finance and law is required to provide accurate business translation because without it, there might be misunderstandings and misinterpretations, and that could eventually lead to big and irreparable problems. Also, these documents are time-sensitive, which means that the translation has to be completed within strict deadlines as even a delay of seconds can cause serious problems. We are also provide Notarized Translation Hebrew to English.

Why Expert Translators are Needed in Legal Translation

Undoubtedly, law penetrates everything in our lives; for instance, from helping employees to obtain their visas to bringing together multibillion-dollar contracts from all parts of countries, multinational businesses must rely on legal translation services for several reasons. Because the legal documents are detailed and technical in nature, one error can change its entire meaning and even cause it to be rejected. 

Hence, in order to avoid such huge issues, you can rely on legal translation Dubai as they can carefully handle your legal documents and help in improving your business relationships around the globe. Legal translation in Dubai Hence, in order to avoid such huge issues, you can rely on legal translation Dubai as they can carefully handle your legal documents and help in improving your business relationships around the globe.

In recent years, the legal translation industry has faced several challenges and went through a lot of changes because globalization brings new opportunities for the people working in this industry. Similarly, this industry is growing rapidly with this new change and not only the people working in this industry but also the work providers have benefited from this. 

Here we explain the benefits of legal translation services for global businesses:

Every country has its own legal system and unique legal requirements; even different regions within a country could have their own legal requirements. So, a contract in one country can look very different from a contract in other countries.

But legal translators who are experts in international law can help businesses in sorting out this problem and make sure that their legal documents are following the laws and regulations of the target country.

Ensuring quality management

Quality management is a vital step of the translation process because many legal documents are detailed, lengthy and frequently revised, so maintaining quality is important. However, legal translators are experts in the legal field and have a profound knowledge of terminologies and concepts that need to be translated.

Furthermore, when you are working with a legal translation company, you will be assured that the legal translation of documents will go through a process of quality management which includes cross-checking and editing to make sure that there are no mistakes.

Ensuring that the exact meaning is relayed

Needs of Legal Translation For Global Law

When working with legal documents that are going to cross borders choosing the correct word or phrase is crucial to the accuracy of the document because even if a word is translated correctly but the concept it relays can greatly vary from one language to another, and it makes the legal translation even more complex. However, the process of translation can become complicated because numerous words have multiple meanings in most languages. 

Additionally, for legal content, the tone that is used is also important, such as, the majority of legal documents are presented using an active voice and written in English, but if a target language is written by using a passive voice, then the restructuring of major sentences will be necessary. 

Hence, legal translators consider all these challenges and make sure that the correct meaning of the document is relayed.

Ensuring the accuracy

Legal documents have very specific requirements and even a simple change in format and spacing can cause expensive delays and also void the document. Moreover, incorrect and poor translation of important details can trigger challenges in court, leading to prolonged court proceedings and causing essential documents to be denied, such as patent applications and contracts. So, maintaining the accuracy of documents is crucial and legal translators can maintain it proficiently.

Above all, it is a fact that in this globalized and digitalized world, the need for legal translation is on the rise and legal language is very rigid, so a mistranslated word can change the entire meaning of document or, worst case legal consequences.

In the legal industry, international law is the fastest-growing field and it penetrates all the transactions done in a global arena. However, international law has been all over for decades, but globalization has affected this field in significant ways. So, when conducting international business transactions, the companies have to follow international law.

If a company plans to expand their business in foreign countries, they have to follow the laws and regulations of the target country; that’s why they need the assistance of legal translators. In addition to that, now it is the requirement of international law for international law firms to have legal translators. 

Nowadays, the demand for globalization has increased. This is because the companies have realized that going to foreign markets enables them to widen their customer base, can get more investment opportunities, and receive more revenue. So, when a company plans to expand internationally, they will need backup copies of legal documents in other languages and for this purpose legal translation Dubai services are crucial in order to avoid getting lost in translation.   

Moreover, translation of legal documents contributes to the resolution of disputes, such as, if you need to go to court against a customer, another company, or any other party who belongs to a different country, thus it is essential for you to have a legal translator who can translate all the important documents to help you win the case and to get justice. 

However, it is also necessary because a legal translator is proficient in communicating well with the other party and the judge, and eventually, you can get a fair trial. To prevent yourself and the reputation of your business from getting lost in legal translation, legal translation services are crucial.

In conclusion

The law is naturally cultural-based and sometimes laws change according to the current culture of the society and some countries have legal systems that are heavily based on their religion. 

So, it is crucial to rely on legal translators because they have a knowledge of the nuances of these different law systems and are always informed about any recent changes to the law. Working with legal translation Dubai ensure that your multinational businesses can greatly benefit from our best legal translation services.  

What Are The Importance of Translation in Dubai?

This diversity among the residing population in Dubai calls in need for legal translation services in Dubai. Students, businessmen, entrepreneurs, tourists, teachers, and doctors come from various ethnically diverse backgrounds and constitute the major chunk of the population. 

As the official language of Dubai is Arabic and English is the second most common language spoken, this still doesn’t account for a vast percentage of the foreign population residing in Dubai. From Spain to Germany to Bangladeshi to Chinese, all these people require translation services to function in their daily lives, and also settle in their jobs, business or to simply have an enjoyable trip.

Dubai is the hub of the business world; apart from being a famous tourist spot and the most industrious capital of the world, Dubai attracts and inhabits all kinds of people from various ethnic backgrounds.

Medicolegal Translation in Dubai: 

Health is wealth, and wherever you go, whether as a visitor and employee or a student, your health should always be insured. Doctors here often use Arabic and English as mediums to communicate and hospitalize their patients. 

As a foreigner, you need to make sure that your important medical documents are translated so your doctor can understand your medical condition and be well aware of your history. Following medicolegal documents should be translated to Arabic when deciding to come to Dubai:

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Medical history
  • Drug history and prescriptions
  • Important medical tests
  • Health certificates
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Tuberculosis test
  • Ultra-sound reports

Tourist Translation in Dubai:

Dubai is known for tourism and shopping; from luxurious hotels and resorts to the famous Burj Khalifah, UAE is the prime choice to celebrate the new year. If you are planning a vacation to Dubai, these translation services will help you immensely and make your journey super memorable. Following are some tourist services available for international travelers:

  • Broacher translation services
  • Cab and travel guide translation services
  • Hotel translation services
  • Food service translations
  • Driver license translation services
  • Travel package translation services

Translation Services Needed for Job Applications:

Following are some documents you should get translated to Arabic when applying for jobs in UAE:

  • Recommendation letters
  • Work experience
  • Resume
  • CV
  • Salary slips
  • Publications
  • Degrees and transcripts
  • Researches

Types of Available Services for Translation in Dubai

Dubai welcomes all, and it caters well for all too. It is understandable then when people from different countries foreign to Arabic come to Dubai may seem somewhat lost. Even prior to their arrival, they often require legal translation services for the visa or immigration procedures.

From passports to Identity cards to birth certificates, everything needs to be translated so the government of UAE can understand the concerned applicant’s procedure.

In order for things to run smoothly, translation in Dubai serves a greater purpose. Apart from legal translation, educational translation, business translation, medical translation, tourist translation, commute translation and job application translations, all are types of translation services available in Dubai.

Legal Translation Services Available in Dubai:

How to Install and Change Languages in Windows 10

When it comes to legal translation, it means the translation of important legal documents that are needed by the government. It could be from your visa, passport, court orders, travel history, bank statements and so on.

When it comes to legal translation, one needs to be super careful as one mishap in the translation could be misunderstood and change the whole meaning of the entire document. To ensure the safety and accuracy of this translation, you need to hire a professional, reliable and talented legal translator.

Qualities of a Professional Legal Translator include:

  • Experienced
  • Master in Both languages concerned
  • Good reputation
  • Doesn’t overcharge
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • A national of UAE
  • Punctual
  • Has a legal understanding
  • Knowledgeable
  • Friendly

Business Translation in Dubai:

UAE is the center of the business world, from wealthy business owners to world-renowned industries all are established in the magnificent Dubai. Whether you want to start a new business or already want to grow your established one, you need to get those business deals and contracts translated. 

Whether you need a loan from a bank or you want to buy that building you have been eyeing on, all this needs to be documented and since you are doing it here in Dubai, you need to get those documents translated to Arabic. 

Often trade owners come to Dubai to build a partnership with Arab businessmen. This requires a lot of meetings, conversations, documentation and contracts. In order to understand and build your partnership safely, you need a business translator to help translate the conversation and then a legal business translator to help translate everything to Arabic. 

These documents can often be very tricky and a single mistake could cost you a fortune or even penalize you legally. When it comes to business, you need to keep in mind what kinds of documents might require a translation. Below is a list of a few to be aware of:

  • Property papers
  • Business contracts
  • Any agreements
  • Bank transfers
  • The entire report of the meeting
  • Bonds
  • Conditions
  • Receipts
  • Bank loans
  • Accounting documents

Educational Translation in Dubai:

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International students love to come to the prestigious institutions of Dubai, but since the official language is Arabic, not many of them speak it and their educational documents aren’t in Arabic as well. Whether to secure admission, graduate or come for an exchange program, you need to get those certificates and degrees translated. Following are some documents that require translation to Arabic for sure Legal translation JLT:

  • Transcripts
  • Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Certificates
  • LORS
  • CV
  • Research proposals
  • Personal Statements
  • Internships experience
  • Research papers


Translation in Dubai provides international people an opportunity to make their experience easy, comfortable and safe. Whether you are coming for a vacation or trying to settle your business, these services will ensure your safety. 

If you want to study in UAE or to explore jobs here, we have got you covered. This guide helps you understand the need for translation services in Dubai and will probably give you an idea of the things to keep in mind when coming to Dubai, whether for a visit or to settle permanently.

How To Find Deaf Interpreter For Translation Services Near You

As one of the world’s biggest industrial countries, UAE progresses towards a more advanced civilization every day, so it has become easier for anyone to find translation services near me. Also, it is important to make sure that all individuals can gain and provide their skills, knowledge, and services. For such an environment to be successfully established, it is necessary to be all-inclusive of all services, such as deaf interpreter services.

In economic giant countries such as the UAE, deaf interpretational services can bring the country a bigger and possibly better range of new businesses, customers, and much more outlets for betterment in the economy and inclusivity of all.

Things To Consider While Choosing Deaf Interpreter

Medical Aid

Things To Consider While Choosing Deaf Interpreter

As almost 99% of those who are deaf are also mute, they face difficulty describe their medical issues to their doctor or person of help. This can lead to misdiagnosis, which is very likely to be catastrophic to that individual. Having said that, these issues can be easily resolved by the availability of interpretational help in the medical sector. The deaf can then not only provide better detail regarding their health but can also help others if needed.

Around 4% of the population in the UAE have some sort of hearing impairment, so they can have trouble with queries like finding translation services near me. Although that number might not seem big enough in reality for those people, it can be a huge issue in life, especially when it comes to getting medical facilities. 

Provision of Education

With the prompt availability of communication between the deaf with the non-deaf, they can get professional degrees, aid other deaf people in fulfilling their educational programs, and also consequently also give back to the community.

To be part of the race for a better profession, education is essential for most if not all job occupations. As much of a basic commodity education may seem, it is as scarcely available for the hearing-impaired. However, with the availability of translation services near me, a new world can be opened for the deaf Emiratis where they can easily have the facility of education and that community can now work forth to a much better place then where they are as of now.

Deaf-friendly education can cause a tremendous wave of advancement in the UAE and give them a better chance of being independent and self-reliant while also giving rise to consumerism in many fields.

Easy Access to Legal Facilities

Being deaf can cause a big hindrance, especially when it comes to fighting for your rights. Thousands from the deaf community are exploited by their kith and kin, professional superiors, and even random strangers they encounter and face all kinds of abuse because of their disability. It is vital for them to be able to seek legal help whenever required in order to lead a life with contentment and normalcy and not be taken advantage of at almost every given hurdle in life.

With the provision of deaf interpreter services in the legal sector, the deaf UAE citizens can independently get help from the authorities and refrain from being treated as if they are lesser of a person than the rest of humanity.

Promoting Tourism

Although UAE is already very sufficient in tourism, the accessibility of easy translation services near me would greatly help in an even greater inflow of tourists.

With UAE recognized as a deaf-friendly country with sufficient facilities available, not only would it prove to be immensely ameliorating for the communication between the deaf tourists and the non-dead people, it could also possibly help in the encouragement to learn the Emirati Sign Language by the common people consequently aiding communication for the deaf, and the recognition of being sovereignty that readily supports the deaf can help in getting more health than just tourists but rather perhaps more professional people searching for a living in the UAE, more students, and much more.

The UAE faces no shortage of impeccable tourist sights, let it be beatific historical monuments such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque or the luscious beaches like KBR Open Beach or the florescent malls like the Mall of Dubai. And with the readily provided interpretational help, more tourists can explore these great sights. 

Inclusivity in Occupation

Choosing The Best Deaf Interpreter in Dubai

Just like how interpreter services can bring about reformation in the edification of the deaf, similarly, availability of interpretational and translation services near me for the hearing impaired in the UAE employment sector can allow the emirate citizens to have a better chance of being self-reliant and also to give them an opportunity for following their dream profession, which would possibly lead to a secure and happy life.

The UAE is a big country with many people, almost all of which are involved in some way of making a living, whether it be luxurious, bourgeois, or in poverty. While there is always a difficulty in finding a good profession that meets all the marks when it comes to salary, workload, and accessibility, there is no doubt that the deaf citizens of UAE or even the whole world face a much harsher difficulty when it comes to searching for a decent occupation.

Another great aspect of having availability Interpretational Services in UAE is that the deaf can also explore the horizon of business. Serve the country their unique skills and abilities. This can possibly give birth to a whole new range of fields of business in the UAE, as normally, the deaf tend to not get involved as readily in this sector, mainly due to the big gap in communication.


This will make UAE a country where everyone, regardless of anything can live with the greatest of comforts and best of facilities. Having facilities such as Deaf Interpretation available can make the deaf a happier and healthier community, thus making UAE an even better country.

Undoubtedly, the availability of deaf interpreter services in the UAE would lead more towards betterment rather than not. It would create an ideal environment for the deaf Emirati citizens where they can grow and flourish just like any other while also giving hope to a UAE where more facilities are available for those who are physically or mentally impaired.

Importance of Interpreter Services in Dubai

When it comes to improving your professional or personal life, Dubai is a very popular choice. Every year millions of people from all across the world come to Dubai for better job opportunities, for a vacation, to set up a business, etcetera.

Moreover thanks to the exposure internet has given all of us more and more people from all corners of the world have the knowledge about the opportunities budding in Dubai. The only hindrance foreigners coming to Dubai might face that of the language. The local language of Dubai is Arabic, whereas most of the foreigners coming here are either fluent in English or some other language, depending on their ethnicity.

Here interpreter services Dubai is play an important role in bridging all such kinds of language barriers between the locals and the foreigners.

Why Use Interpreter Services?

There are many benefits of having interpreter services both for the locals residing in Dubai as well as for the foreigners. With the help of such translation services, you are eliminating the biggest obstacle when it comes to communication between the locals and the foreigners. For the locals, it means that Dubai will have cultural diversity and foreign exchange. For the locals, it means endless opportunities to improve their lifestyle regardless of any geographical or linguistic barriers.

With the help of interpreter services, you can not only cater to foreign people in your city, but there are other benefits too. In the world of business and entertainment, interpreter services can be used to translate books, advertisements, etcetera and hence reach out to a wider audience. These services can be seen as a gateway to communicate with the whole world and hence open endless doors of opportunities for yourself as well as the people around you.

Where Can You Use Interpreter Services?

To put things in perspective, we have gathered a list of areas where Dubai interpreter services can prove to be extremely beneficial.

Make The Whole World Your Audience

In a city such as Dubai, where the population does not belong to a single ethnicity but is rather ethnically diverse, artists and writers might have difficulty in communicating their message to the whole city. For example, writing a book or getting a research paper done in Arabic by a local might only reach a limited audience.

Having Dubai interpreter services can solve this inconvenience. With the help of such translation services, you can get your content translated into English or any other language that is popularly spoken in your area and hence reach a wider audience. This will not only improve the sales of your work but will also help you inspire a large number of people.

When it comes to translating literary content such as books, it is very important to consider that the interpreter services you are hiring maintain the quality of the content along with translating it. As the essence of the writing plays a huge role in the kind of impact, it will have on the people. Therefore using professional translation services that consist of interpreters that have expertise in their linguistic capabilities is much more beneficial than simply using Google Translate to translate your content from one language to another.

Interpreter Services For A More Prospering Business

In a city such as Dubai, where economic activities are always on the go, it comes off as no surprise that the city is a popular choice of investment for business owners.  By investing in interpreter services, you can significantly increase the sales of your business. This is because, for the success of any business, communication with the customers is vital.

Often the business owners launching a product cannot properly advertise it because of the language barriers. The local language of Dubai is Arabic, whereas many people living in the city are either only fluent in English or some other language. Hence by using Dubai interpreter services, you can advertise your product to the customers in more than one language and hence drastically increase its sales.

Moreover, by using professional services, you can also translate the website content for your product and thus even make an international audience. You can also communicate with customers to learn about their reservations regarding the product and hence improve the quality of your product accordingly.

All of these measures will surely give a boost to the sales of your product and hence aid in making your business more successful.

Improving Medical Facilities And Healthcare

Another major benefit of having interpreter services is in the medical field. Many doctors working in Dubai come from other countries and are mostly fluent in English. At the same time, most of the patients they are encountering are more fluent in Arabic.

This difference in language creates a communication gap between the doctor and the patient. Using interpreter services can bridge this gap as they can converse with the patient in their local language and then translate that message to the doctor in the doctor’s language.

This is extremely beneficial and also very important as using other means to translate what the patient is trying to say to the doctor. For example, Google Translate is not very accurate and hence can lead to minor errors in communication. These errors can have serious consequences so much so that they can even cost someone their life.


Dubai interpreter services can be used to increase education opportunities both for the students of Dubai as well as for the students living abroad. In recent times studying abroad has become a trend. Many parents want to send their children for higher education abroad so that they can experience cultural diversity and gain independence.

Such services can make the job easier for students abroad to score an admission in Dubai and also for the students living in Dubai to get an acceptance letter in a university outside of UAE. They can do this by eliminating the language barriers. They can help with translating transcripts, certificates and all the other relevant documents which are needed for the admission process.

Will Artificial Intelligence render human translators obsolete?

Google released yet another proof that neural networks, when properly programmed and fed, can develop in somewhat unexpected ways: the Google Translator system, the Mountain View tool that many blogs out there use today to transcribe texts from Overseas sources for Arabic, have developed their own method for carrying out their tasks, in a more practical way than using English as a “bridge”.

Although many blogs are referring to the method as the creation of an “internal language” that is incomprehensible to human beings, this is not exactly what happens. It is actually closer to human thinking and how we deal with different languages ​​in translation in JLT.

With the world getting more and more digitized every day, technology is taking over the common man. Neural networks applied in the Google translator are able to move from one language to another without “bridges”; although it looks like an “internal language”, it is more for relational knowledge.

The training

Google found that the neural network is capable of this: the tool can take a sentence in one language and translate it into another even if it has not been trained to do so, because it has already learned using English as a base and now dismisses it. The researchers observed the network process (in a limited way, since the model itself is complex and not so friendly even for the developers) and noticed a curious behavior: In ‘the’ we have a representation of how the neural network of the translator appears.

A sentence translated from English into Korean and another from Japanese into English; if they have the same meaning, will be assigned the same color. In ‘b’, Google separated a specific sentence for analysis. In ‘c’, it was divided into the source languages ​​of each of the terms. What the neural network is doing is assigning three different languages ​​as a source to the same sentence, which in theory indicates that it has a deeper representation system for each of the terms.

Hence the concept that the algorithm has developed an “internal language” came into being, even though it is not entirely true. When we learn several languages, ​​we do not create a single language in mind and use them all at the same time because we assign concepts and experiences to each of the words we use.

What the system is doing is going beyond just memorizing translations: He is learning the meaning of the words. He knows what an apple is and because of that, he will identify it in whatever language he is taught and will do the translations accordingly. The system absorbs, learns, memorizes and applies – as we do. He is (albeit in a very rudimentary way) learning to think without being taught to do so. And yes, it is scary.

Benefits of the Google Translator

  1. Easy Access

Google has become the most widely used search site in the world, so all the services it offers within its platform have a great chance of being used more than some others. This is the case with Google Translate, which is the first option that appears when we search for this type of tool within Google.

For this reason, anyone who uses the Google search engine and types in the word translator will have Google Translate as their first option. Therefore, it becomes very accessible for someone who needs translation support, and in addition, it is completely free.

2. Ease to be used

Its system is very simple to use; it does not present any difficulty even for those who have never used this service before. To begin with, unlike some other translators, Google Translate has a clean image, does not present a lot of mixed information, which can cause some confusion for the user. Also, its main page is already in the language of the corresponding country, which also facilitates its handling.

To be able to translate a word on your page, just follow a few simple steps. First, you need to connect to the internet and enter a search page, then type Google Translate. As soon as the main page opens, just type in the word or text you want to translate. Instantly, the translation appears without having to click on a command. Now to make it even easier, as soon as you start writing the term you need to translate, it already offers you some suggestions of what you might be wanting.

These benefits are more than essential for both a common man as well as a professional translator. The Google translator neural network has performed better than was expected. People all around the world use it every day to get their tasks done.

However, no matter how good a neural network is developed, it can never beat the human brain. It is always better to get professional translation in JLT services!

Zero-shot in translation in JLT

Google found out what its translator is doing by verifying that he was capable of what we call a “zero-shot” translation ( without any prior training ) in unforeseen cases of use, as the use of neural networks was introduced in the tool in September.

According to Google, the engine, called Google Neural Machine Translation, recognizes 103 languages ​​and is capable of translating more than 140 billion words per day, with almost human precision. Most importantly, he learns from them. By translating “apple” as “apple” between English and Portuguese, and as “manzana” into Spanish, he will learn the meaning of that word in several languages ​​and that way, he would link it without the need of a language doing the middle- field.

It works like this: if Google Translator is able to translate texts from English to Japanese and vice versa and also from English to Korean, in theory, the algorithm should be able to take a text in Japanese and translate it directly into the Korean and Korean to Japanese, without the Anglo-Saxon language as a bridge between the two.

What Is Costing Factors Of Legal Translation In Dubai

Certified legal translation in Dubai will always be required in immigration cases. And for businesses, contracts, policies and advertising/marketing collateral will have to be translated for smooth operations. Given that it is such a prerequisite in many forms, one often wonders as to how much it would cost to get legal translations.

Sometimes, it is even confusing to get different quotes for the same work from different organizations. Here we look at some of the aspects which determine the costs of legal translations and provide the very reasons why standard rates are not applied in legal translations.

Error-free certified translations are required for documents in foreign languages when these are to be used legally. This becomes of extreme importance when documents are submitted in courts since case proceedings can get negatively affected if interpretations are not made accurately. A wrong translation can mislead the decision, costing someone financially, mentally, in stature or physically.

Specialized Services

The translation is a technical field and is a lot different than routine interpretations. Knowledge, experience and attention are required to translate special documents. The cost companies charge for translation is a financial depiction of these inputs into translation work.

Precision and true rendition of legal content is required for any submission to Government departments; it cannot be the basic version taken from web sources. Hence a cost is to be paid to get it translated. Like, if web-based or software-assisted translations were that accurate; translation service provider companies would have been obsolete a long time ago.

Furthermore, most of the software-supported translations cannot be certified as the truest representation of the original legal content. They sometimes do not even maintain the very format and language style of the original file. It is always advisable to pay a little and be satisfied that you have something you can trust.

Usage and Editing

Most of the normal legal translations of personal documentation do not involve any formatting. It just has to be a perfect translation of a text or document for submission in Government offices. But in the case of a legal document that also involves editing and formatting, the translation rates will vary.

For example, in cases of documents that are publicized or shared widely, not only a Translation Services In Abu Dhabi from a professional native-speaking translator is required, but it also has to be edited and proofread. Most often, in such cases, quality control or review is undertaken by a different professional translator to verify the worth of work done by the first translator.

As it has to go into the public domain, no one would wish to jeopardize the reputation or prestige just by saving a little money on translations. Therefore, the costs for such a work would certainly be higher than the regular translations.

Need and Urgency

Sometimes individual translators charge according to the need of the client, but this is a very rare occurrence in professional legal translation in Dubai. The translation services industry works on the principle of norms and ethics. The rates are predefined according to set practices and rather than deadlines and client’s needs.

Companies providing translation services normally charge according to the number of words or pages and the linguistic skills required in a task. Needless to mention that postal, delivery services or doorstep services will inevitably be charged separately. To save yourself from falling prey to overcharging, internet reviews and client testimonials are a great way of getting familiar with the rates.

Complexity in legal translation in Dubai

Alongside the length of the document, another key factor determining the cost is the technicality or the complexity of the content in the source document. As with anything else in the market, high-touch work will require more financial input. The rarity of linguistic combination also defines complexity.

Legal systems in various countries largely vary and the same goes for the technical terms used within the system. Quotes for translations of routine or commonly used languages will be lesser than those with which are rare since the availability of translators and skills is easy to adjust for routine languages.

Similarly, the type of content to be translated also define the quoted rate according to the complexity. For instance, expertise involved in translating a legal birth certificate will be much less cumbersome than that of a legal business contract; hence the cost per word will vary between the two.

Relationship and Ongoing Commitment

For clients engaging with translation companies to get translations of legal documents on a persistent basis, the rates would obviously change. Options of per-line, flat rates, per-word, per-hour or per-page can be discussed and agreed upon in such instances. Companies prefer to charge on a per-line basis (1 line = 55 characters with spaces between words) since the number of words in target and source languages are not always the same.

After this option, in cases of court documents where the number of lines cannot be electronically calculated, per-page costs are agreed upon for repeat clients. Language services companies that have retainer contracts signed with business entities work on the principle of the volume of work and the workflow involved. It makes sense for both parties (client and translation company) to produce products rather than calculating costs and having discussions on each quote.

Freelance translators typically provide post-edited machine translation services to the clients. But this carries the huge risk of undermining the overall readability and flow of legal documents. Legal translation in Dubai maintains the gold standard of the industry by engaging professional native-speaking individual translators in their teams. This might appear a little pricier when comparing the rates but provides accuracy and confidence when entrusting someone with the translation of the legal content.

Certifications and Vetting

Reputable translation companies in UAE engage native-speaking translators from all over the world to provide their services. As a standard, the translators are adept at undertaking individualized services, which gives the very basis to the companies to certify their work.

Getting certified translations to signify that the work is accurate, coherent and is guaranteed by a technically-sound company. This is required in most cases for the submission of legal documents to Government offices. Like for sworn translations in court usage, the certification will cost a little extra along with the translation.


One can get translations from online companies or language service providers. Online companies mostly engage in general texts, unlike the special services provided by the latter. Costs charged for the same work by these two types of companies would be different. But, at Al-Syed Legal Translation Dubai, one gets the benefits of both types of companies at highly comparable rates to any other in UAE.

7 Things About Legal Translation In Dubai Interpretation Services

In this global world where the countries are connecting with another in all fields, communication is the key and a barrier too. Translation and interpretation services are the immense need of the hour. Every international company requires hiring a professional legal translation services agency to get the job done.

Although translation service is important for the entire international field, in this blog, we will be talking about the most significant services and beats of translation services.


Transcription is a systematic arrangement of spoken language into written words. It is mostly used in writing down the notes of what a speaker is delivering word to word like they do in courts or with physician’s voice records. It seems a very easy job but it’s hard to write down as fast as someone speaks without any mistake. Professional translators should be hired to avoid any errors or misinterpretations.

Legal documents

Legal documents are the most sensitive area of translating. Especially, translating from one language to another can change the context of what is said and different words are interpreted differently in different countries and ethnicities. It is important to keep the context according to the language it is being translated into rather than just word to word translation.

Moreover, it is important to have a good knowledge of law terms and phrases for translating according to different languages; otherwise, it can make a legal case. The forms, definitions, and terms are extensively influenced by the cultural and legal system of the country, which makes it important to have expertise in legal terminologies according to the country the message is being translated from and translating to.

Legal documents like contracts, personal certificates, and property papers, and so on must be handled by professional legal translation services for translation in Dubai. Because hiring a translator is always cheaper and better than hiring a lawsuit.

Live or Online Meetings Interpretation

As businesses are expanding internationally and Countries are working hard for better international relations. Interpretations in international meetings are a must to avoid any communication barriers.

Live interpretation in meetings is not a new thing – it is being practiced since decades. Amid the current pandemic situation in the world, everyone has moved from live to online meetings. There are translation and interpretation agencies who are offering interpretation for phone calls and online meetings too. It is hard to work internationally without professional interpreters, especially in the Arabian region like UAE, where people are less fluent in understanding and speaking the English language.

Digital Marketing

In this digital world of technology, the internet is the major source of expanding business internationally and reaching the global market. But it requires extensive expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which includes keywords, hashtags, content localization, and placement.

In this digitalized world, online marketing is the new go to boost your business. Offering translation features in your website in a minimum of 3 major languages to as many languages as possible makes it more feasible for foreign customers to understand and trade with your business.

Above mentioned things are what are going to make your content reach the targeted market globally. And this cannot be achieved with mere word to word translation. Acute Smart translation can work wonders in achieving the goal of the global approach.


Entertainment content like movies, songs, video clips, and podcasts are produced in the world and followed by a large worldwide audience. Most of the famous content is made in Hollywood, in the English language.

English is considered a universal language, but to reach a wider audience that isn’t the case. Not everyone understands the English language but everyone loves enjoying movies and entertainment content. So to reach out to a wider audience all around the world, the movies are subtitled and dubbed into different languages to make the content more understandable for the audience.

Not only English movies are subtitled into other languages but movies of different countries like India, Pakistan, Arab countries, and the list goes on are subtitled into English to reach out to a larger audience.

Medical translation

A huge part of the Medical field is dependent on medical research. These researches include innovations in drugs, new information about diseases and treatments. The specialists are doing research all around the world and all these researches are not in English.

That’s why this information needs to be translated from different languages into English to be used worldwide. Several important types of research went unseen by the international scientific community they weren’t translated into English. This shows the importance of translation in the medical field.

Moreover, amid this global pandemic, practitioners and researchers from all over the world took their heads together to come up with a solution and to educate the general public it is important to interpret the information in all languages to reach out to every possible person in the world.

Technical translation

Technology is not just a field itself, but it is interconnected with multiple fields, from engineering to Healthcare.  Just like medical research, technical translations also include scientific research about new technologies that need to be understood by the international technical community around the world.

Without any doubt, technology is a vastly expanding industry in this world and countries are collaborating for unbelievable projects. This cannot afford any kind of communication gap at any cost.

Your company should need to provide the buyers with detailed operation instructions, guidance, and documentation in the local language while selling your product outside the borders. Just like other fields, it needs to be translated for both academic and marketing purposes.


To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, almost every international field requires translation and interpretation services to be more understandable for a larger audience and avail more opportunities worldwide. It is recommended to reach out to professional legal translation and interpretation services to get the job done as they have expertise in this. Any kind of mistranslation can lead to expensive lawsuits. You can avoid big hustles and expand your business globally by getting professional assistance.

The Worst Advices We’ve Heard For Finding The Right Service For Translation In Dubai

It is not difficult in today’s world to get translations done, as was the case a decade ago. Technology-based solutions, virtual working environments for individuals, online resources and the advent of translation services and companies have made translations very less troublesome.

A computer and an available internet connection sometimes even eliminates the need to consult experts and translators for general translations. Since so much content is readily available on the internet, it just takes a considerable amount of time to dig through it.

However unfortunate this might appear, even with all these available options for translation, common issues still persist when it comes to any form of translation, anywhere in the world. Accuracy, correctness as per the type of translation and cultural appropriateness are the most significant of these issues. For any kind of translation in Dubai, we look at some of the factors here which should decide your approach for getting the job done. 

Does professionalism count?

Of course it does!! It would be extremely challenging to find a client who can wait for days to hear back from his/her service provider. Someone who can bear tardy action on the request for changes or alterations and who is fine with facing criticism over a service provider’s hands is a fictional breed.

In today’s world, where virtual working engagement is on the rise, professionalism stands out as a critical feature for a client to engage (or stick to) a particular service, product or company. From ease of communication to seamless delivery of the service or a product, professionalism must be counted at each stage for complete client satisfaction.

Most of the translation companies in Dubai have established a rapport for being proficient, skilled and ensuring excellent services to clients. By using your virtual presence and basic computer skills, you can easily see who you are going to engage with for a translation job and how much professional treatment you can expect from them. In short, don’t pay for an unbefitting treatment.

Context, culture and relevance

In most of the world’s common languages, there are a number of dialects that relate to a particular region. This is the very reason that translation companies engage native speakers and mostly individuals with bilingual expertise in their teams.

One can simply just not interpret one language into another in translations. Sentences are to be constructed to make sense to a reader or an audience that is not the native of another language. Word-to-word translation might sometimes work in general translations or when you are to just translate a corresponding email to another to get the gist of what is being communicated. However, in the case of technical or specialized translation tasks, you can not afford to make mistakes.

Most obvious example can come from the world of advertising. An advertisement and its wording might be getting a lot of traction and positive responses in one region or country; however, when translated plainly into another language, it can become a grim example of immoral marketing.

Language and its words are not just mere expressions or a way of communicating; they are always rooted in the very cultures. Its connections with inhabitants are represented through a language. Likewise, expressions and references to certain acts are mostly connected with the culture of a particular region. You cannot expect one expression to work in another. For translation in Dubai, only a professional or an expert translator would be able to find the most appropriate choice of words when interpreting from one language to another. Choose wisely!!

Costs for translation in Dubai

It is always good to save where you can, no one would argue on that. This is also true when it comes to translations. However, this is also a fact that quality comes with a price tag. If you are getting a claim of getting the best quality on cheapest of rates, then you would obviously take it with a pinch of salt in all your purchases – the same goes for translations.

The rates for translations are not universally defined; hence the range of financial input for any translation task would be greater than you would expect for any translation task. It varies from per word costing from some providers to per task lump-sum amounts.

Worst Advices We've Heard For Finding The Right Service For Translation In Dubai

However, you should give a slightly higher preference for the quality aspect of a translation when you are expected to get a legal translation dubai or technical translation of any sort. Reasons are simple, you would rather invest a little extra than to be questioned or get into hot waters for a wrong interpretation of a legal translation.

For general translations, normal expertise can suffice and saving money on that is understandable. But make the right decision, and get support from technically sound professionals for your technical translations.

Individuals contrasted with companies

Gone are the days when one has to meet an expert face-to-face to get his/her opinion on a matter. Internet, software and apps have replaced many a task which were being done telephonically earlier. Remember how we all used to enjoy the way we could explain our food choices and preferences for home delivery over the phone? But apps make us fall in love lately for this task. 

With mobile apps, we can be more elaborate, precise and no phone call is needed. However, this does not minimize the benefit of having an individual’s touch, getting personalized services or performing tasks after having a direct interaction with a professional.

Translation is one such area, where we often have a choice of getting things done using a computer-assisted program or engage a professional translation company or agency. Legal translation in Dubai When it comes to technical, legal, literary or other specialized forms of translations, it is often observed that people shift to professionals most of the time after failing in front of a computer.

Just as someone with literary knowledge cannot beat another person with experience, similarly computer-assisted programs, software and online services will be unable to get into contextual and cultural meanings, which an individual easily can. In a nutshell, don’t waste money, time and energies – choose a company, service, agency to do your specialized translations.


Translations can be done in a number of ways in today’s world. One can come across a number of choices for a translation job. It depends on the cost, urgency, ease of access and the algorithm of the search engine used to get the most suitable option according to one’s need. But, it is not as simple as it appears – a little extra care is needed to make a precise choice and engage with the right translation service. We have tried to decrypt some of the significant factors in this blog to help you make the right decision.

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